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Over & Out

How is it possible that a taxi driver can be reciting the Qur’an with good tajweed one minute and then cheating their customer the next?

This is what I experienced enroute to Cairo Airport. Being a Friday, the taxi driver was reciting Surah Kahf on the way to the airport. He refused to put the meter on and then as I expected proceeded to demand an exorbitant amount for the ride when he dropped me off. Alhumdullilah.

Reflecting on this experience, this is exactly why we need to keep up the struggle of making comprehensive Quranic education the norm, rather the exception. The Qur’an needs to go beyond being merely an exercise of the vocal chords.

It was also a reminder for me that I have unfinished business in Egypt. If Allah wills, I will be back. But for now, I can’t wait to get back to the family.

I hope you have enjoyed reading the travel blog and I request your duas for the work that we are doing.

May Allah accept it from the team, forgive us for our shortcoming and grant us positive outcomes from this trip.

This work needs more than what those who accompanied me to Egypt can give. If you’d like to get involved and support this work in any way, please do get in touch.

Until next time.

BarakAllahu Feekum

The Story of Ahmed & Umar

Sometimes Allah sends you gifts from where you least expect it.

Ahmed & Umar have been our hosts during this trip. They are also an integral part of our team in Egypt. The story of how they came to be is in and of itself a sign from Allah Subhanahuwatala.

On our previous trip to Egypt, we knew we wanted to give our teachers some English training and we put a few feelers out there. We thought the most likely solution would be for us to send our teachers to a private English teaching institute in a big regional city. However, when we fronted up to speak to their management and the receptionist could not speak English, you can imagine our confidence levels. We were then told about two English language students from Munefiyyah university and we arranged to meet them.

Honestly speaking, I wasn’t expecting very much to come from that meeting given that we hadn’t met anyone in the village at the time that could speak with any sort of fluency. When we did meet, to say it was a breath of fresh air was an understatement. These guys were masters level English literature students and were in tune with our world. I was excited!

After we returned to our homes we worked with them to establish a pilot teacher training program – which they executed very professionally and overcame many challenges without giving up.

Today, Ahmed is our centre manager at Shibin & Umar is our curriculum implementation manager, where he works with our teachers to continually improve the standard of the classes being delivered.

I thank Allah for uniting our hearts on this mission and ask Him to preserve them and their families and grant them all goodness in this life and the next. Ameen.

Last night we were having a chat about our future plans and Ahmed gave us an insight into his reason for being associated with Tanzeel. He mentioned that as a teacher, his satisfaction comes from seeing their students go on to do things with the knowledge they’ve been given & through working with Tanzeel what he is able to do is work with teachers of Allah’s Book to make them effective communicators of Allah’s message. What could be more satisfying than this?

In my opening blog I mentioned that I was maintaining a travel blog as a means of giving you an insight into the work that we are doing so that you may see how you might be able to contribute to the mission of spreading the Qur’an with understanding.

I am a firm believer that everybody has a role to play and Ahmed & Umar are perfect examples of this. They are using the knowledge that Allah Subhanahuwatala has blessed them with to add immense value to the world of Qur’anic education. This career path is clearly not conventional – but it is absolutely necessary!

So the question we all need to ask ourselves is, what is it that we’ve been blessed with which we can use to further the Deen of Allah and invest in our own hear-after?

It’s actually about Ihsanity!

JazakAllah Khair to all those who wrote in with their ideas on how to become the best in the world. The most interesting response I received went a bit like this:

Best in the world standard is too low. When it comes to Quran institutes, the worldwide quality isn’t great. Set the bar much higher to the level of ihsanity

and on reflection, I agree.

At Tanzeel, we believe that the teachers of the Qur’an have taken on the job of a Prophet – spreading the message of Allah by teaching His holy book. Thus it is their duty to teach the Qur’an in a comprehensive manner and not just to teach the recitation of the Qur’an.

Today, the most common qualification of a Qur’an teacher is that he or she has learned the science of Tajweed (pronunciation) or has memorised the Qur’an in its entirety. But that’s where the qualifications end. When in actual fact our Prophet (salalahualaihiwasalam) was given his taribiyyah from Allah that enabled him to teach the Qur’an in such a way that moved hearts and change lives.

Imagine what the world would be like if the Messenger (salalahualaihiwasalam) had just taught us how to read?

To reach the level of ihsanity, we need our teachers to be people who can teach the Qur’an holistically with recitation, memorisation and understanding.

Achieving this outcome is not a simple task. We’ve been told by many a person that it is impossible. But we are prepared to die trying!

I invite you to join us on this journey of seeking to achieve ihsanity in the teaching of Allah’s Book.

Best in the World?

Yesterday we spent good portion of the day on the road travelling to Alexandria. We had some fruitful meetings and my Canadian counterparts were in awe of seeing the sea.  It took me a while to work out what all the fuss was about – we are an Island in Australia after all.
It was also a day of receiving reactions from our teachers. Here is what one of the teachers had to say:

walikum asslam brother thank you and all the team may Allah reward you inshaaAllah but we are very sad to do that with your self but by Allah we are a family . i hope to be better next period inshaaAllah and we promise to be together hand by hand always inshaaAllah and help each other to make our center and the all institution the best one in all the world. we make doaa always for you in our prayers . Thank you for every thing . 

I’m inspired by her want to make the institution the best one in all the world. May Allah make it possible.
I’d like to hear from you – what will it take to become the best in the world?

Sister, how do I use a Vacuum Cleaner?

This was the first question one of the males in our team asked as we descended upon the Shohadaa centre to give the place a good clean and tidy up!
We decided to do the clean up as gesture from ourselves to show that we care.
This is the place from which up to 40+ hours of Qur’anic instruction takes place each day to students from all around the world. In my view it should be the from amongst the most pleasant of workplaces.
What we did yesterday was just a gesture. It is my no means the solution. The team is currently thinking about what the best solution should be – but it is clear that the present location is not it!
Aside from the late night raid on our Shohadaa centre for the clean up, we spent the earlier part of the day at our Shibin centre, undertaking the teacher one on one’s, observing the teacher training and receiving various guests who came to see our operations and discuss how we may collaborate. This was an experience that left me with much optimism that we do have people on the ground in Egypt that can run things with Ihsaan & I’m really looking forward to the changes we are planning to implement in the near future.
May Allah facilitate things for us and our teachers in the best way!