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Best in the World?

Yesterday we spent good portion of the day on the road travelling to Alexandria. We had some fruitful meetings and my Canadian counterparts were in awe of seeing the sea.  It took me a while to work out what all the fuss was about – we are an Island in Australia after all.
It was also a day of receiving reactions from our teachers. Here is what one of the teachers had to say:

walikum asslam brother thank you and all the team may Allah reward you inshaaAllah but we are very sad to do that with your self but by Allah we are a family . i hope to be better next period inshaaAllah and we promise to be together hand by hand always inshaaAllah and help each other to make our center and the all institution the best one in all the world. we make doaa always for you in our prayers . Thank you for every thing . 

I’m inspired by her want to make the institution the best one in all the world. May Allah make it possible.
I’d like to hear from you – what will it take to become the best in the world?

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