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Do you see any defects in the sky?

By: Madiyah Rana

Allah (swt) talks about reflecting upon His Signs numerous times in the Quran. He commands us to ponder over His creation; the sky, the birds, the sun and even our own selves, for these things are evidence of His Magnificence and Greatness. Allah (swt) has created everything from the stars to the spiders. He describes Himself as “…the Best of Creators.” [23:14] When we look around us we see many beautiful things that reflect Allah’s power and His Majesty. Sometimes in order for us to understand the true purpose of our existence we have to look at the countless things He created. For surely, the world is so vast and complex; it is designed so perfectly and is free from deficiency which shows that such things could not have happened by chance, rather there must be a Creator, a stronger superpower that created it all so perfectly and flawlessly.

Allah (swt) orders us in the Qur’an to look at the sky, to ponder over His creation:

[And] who created seven heavens in layers. You do not see in the creation of the Most Merciful any inconsistency. So return [your] vision [to the sky]; do you see any breaks? (67:3)

He asks us not only to look but to think about what we see. “Do you see any breaks?” The magnificence of the creation points to the Magnificence of the Creator. Allah (swt) is teaching us that He, Allah is the Perfect, the Supreme, the Most Powerful. He created these things for us so that we can live our lives thanking Him for His blessings and also so that we recognize Him through these evident Signs.

There are many more verses where Allah (swt) tells us about what He has created in order to make us reflect:

It is He who made the sun a shining light and the moon a derived light and determined for it phases – that you may know the number of years and account [of time]. Allah has not created this except in truth. He details the signs for a people who know [10:5]

Here He mentions how He created the sun and the moon as sources of light for us and also to make time known to us. At the end of the ayah He mentions how these things are signs for the people who ‘know.’ It is the people of knowledge and those who study and learn the Quran who will be aware of such signs from their Lord. It takes knowledge of science to truly appreciate the beauty, eloquence and accuracy of this verse. And so He mentions that it is a sign for those who know.

Allah says: And of His signs is that He created for you from yourselves mates that you may find tranquility in them; and He placed between you affection and mercy. Indeed in that are signs for a people who give thought.

Even the bond of marriage—of a husband and wife—is a sign. Allah is calling it such for if we were to reflect we would realise that Allah is the one who put this type of love in the hearts of the spouses. It is He who joined their hearts and brought them together when they were before just strangers. But, only those who give thought will truly understand this concept and cause it to be a reminder of the greatness, power and Lordship of Allah.

There are many more verses in the Quran that talk about signs, reflection and thinking about the creation and our purpose of creation. If we pondered deeply over the Quran and took time out to reflect over the speech of Allah, we would be left in awe. Why not take time out to look up more verses in which Allah mentions his Signs and reflect upon them. What are some lessons that we can derive? Points of benefit to enrich our lives with? May Allah make us all people who reflect deeply upon His words and allow us to implement all that we learn. Ameen.

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