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Sister, how do I use a Vacuum Cleaner?

This was the first question one of the males in our team asked as we descended upon the Shohadaa centre to give the place a good clean and tidy up!
We decided to do the clean up as gesture from ourselves to show that we care.
This is the place from which up to 40+ hours of Qur’anic instruction takes place each day to students from all around the world. In my view it should be the from amongst the most pleasant of workplaces.
What we did yesterday was just a gesture. It is my no means the solution. The team is currently thinking about what the best solution should be – but it is clear that the present location is not it!
Aside from the late night raid on our Shohadaa centre for the clean up, we spent the earlier part of the day at our Shibin centre, undertaking the teacher one on one’s, observing the teacher training and receiving various guests who came to see our operations and discuss how we may collaborate. This was an experience that left me with much optimism that we do have people on the ground in Egypt that can run things with Ihsaan & I’m really looking forward to the changes we are planning to implement in the near future.
May Allah facilitate things for us and our teachers in the best way!

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