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Tanzeel Travel Blog – I felt like crying


What a day!

Yesterday we did our one on one interviews with the teachers from our Shohadaa centre and all I felt like doing was crying.

I felt like crying because I learnt that we have failed to properly honour the people of the Qur’an.

I felt like crying because of the inspirational nature of many of our teachers.

Political instability in Egypt prevented us from coming earlier, but clearly 2 years between trips is too long. We should have learnt some of the things we learnt yesterday much earlier!
To give you a snap shot of some of our interactions …
Ustada Emaan Montaser, one of our original teachers, told us about the first ever student she taught who went on to memorise the entire Qur’an with her. She says that she asks Allah all the time to be able to see her in Jannah.
Ustada Rehab , showed us her workstation which she has converted into a mini nursery. We learnt also that she attends special classes on the weekends to develop her ability to teach children. All this off her own initiative! All this despite the fact that we have given her completely inadequate space and workstation! One of our key action items from this trip is to drastically improve the working space and infrastructure of our teachers. What we have given them is not something that we would be happy to work in – so how is that we accept it for the teacher’s of Allah’s Book? May Allah grant us the means!
Ustada Summayah told us about how she is managing her teaching commitments with her university studies (Islamic education). Given that Ustada Summayah is my wife’s teacher, I know of the added value she brings to her classes through her advanced Islamic education – yet we as an organisation have to date failed to facilitate things for her in the best way. This needs to change!
Ustada Amal is an inspiration! She came to the centre to teach with her two week old baby son. Do we have the same dedication when it comes to the Book of Allah? Incidentally there are other teachers that have very young children or have impending births – yet we have completely inadequate nursery facilities. This needs to change! May Allah grant us the means!
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What I saw yesterday was a group of teachers that love their students and love the Qur’an. This is the only thing that has kept them going, despite our many failings.
We are on a mission to change things.  May Allah grant us the means!
BarakAllahu Feekum

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