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Love to live the Qur’an


By Madiyah Rana

We find many stories in the history of Islam that talk about the men and women before us who would spend their days and nights in the company of the Qur’an. There was a time when people would dedicate most of their time and energy to the study of this glorious book. They would sleep less at night and spend it instead in absorbing the verses of Allah into their hearts and minds, memorising them, reviewing them. The Qur’an was held closely to their hearts such that it became their companions in the warmth of the day and the darkness of the night.

Undoubtedly, these people were endowed with a huge blessing, a blessing we all yearn to have. However, it was their true love for Allah and His kalaam that caused them to be so deeply inspired by it. We hear of many narrations that show us the true love that they had for the Qur’an and in their dedication and determination in applying it.

The Prophet Muhammad (Salallahu ‘alayhi Was’allam) would spend his nights in worship to Allah, reciting the Qur’an on end, savouring each verse and its letters. He was always striving to earn more reward. The Qur’an which he had memorised never failed to inspire him over and over again. The Prophet Muhammad (Salallahu ‘Alayhi Was’allam) was known as “the walking Qur’an.”

The Sahaabah would rush to implement the laws of Allah into their life. Running towards goodness and forgiveness from their Lord. They were motivated to read it and implement it. They witnessed the revelation of the Qur’an in front of their very eyes, and so it only blossomed in their hearts and increased them in Imaan and Taqwa.

Our pious predecessors that came after, held tight to this great Sunnah and act of learning and reciting the Qur’an with a melodious recital. Studying Tajweed and never getting bored of it. It is said that there was a man who was reciting Surah Kahf in his Salaah, only to be shot with several arrows from the opposing army whilst doing so, yet he never stopped. He completed the whole Surah in that Salaah! It was the love and the passion that he had and the interest that he had developed for it, that caused him to continue with its recital even when struck by arrows and even when in pain.

A righteous man would finish the recital of the Qur’an 60 times in Ramadhan, completing it twice each day of the blessed month. When we hear of these stories, we can truly say that this was a time when the Ummah was growing strong; it was becoming prosperous and successful, because Muslims would hold onto the rope of Allah, to the Qur’an, so tightly. Now we place it on the top of our shelves without interest of this divine miracle. Then we complain that the Ummah is falling weak, and Muslims are losing their selves and their Imaan. And we cry at the state of the Muslims and how they have no Islam left in their life. It is because people have left the Qur’an, they’ve left it only to run to evil, sin and transgression.

When we read and ponder over these inspiring practices of those who came before us, we can’t help but feel ashamed of being so far away from the book of Allah. They recognized that the Qur’an wasn’t just a book to read over and over again, but rather it was a book to be read and most importantly, understood.

The key to understanding the book of Allah was to keep it constant company, reflect upon its verses and ponder over its meanings. This is the right we must give to the Qur’an and this is the foundation of our deen.

The Qur’an guides us not only spiritually and religiously, but also socially, economically and politically. This is how the Sahaabah were; they took the Qur’an as their ultimate guide and manual in life, they rode the waves and fought the storms by standing by this book and using it to find the answers to their problems and the key to goodness. They used it in all aspects of their life, religious and not religious, and held tight to the rope in all circumstances.

The fact that they understood that the Quran was the basis and foundation of our deen and thus our life – they understood that being a Muslim meant reading, knowing, understanding, implementing and completely living the Quran, rather than just reading it to receive blessings.

Take the Qur’an as your companion in the days and nights and beg Allah to make you amongst the family of the Qur’an for they are those who will receive its intercession and be saved from a terrible punishment on that day.

May Allah make us from amongst the people of the Qur’an, of those that are the closest to Him.

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