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Tanzeel Travel Blog – It’s already been worth it


The Reviving the Islamic Spirit Conference hasn’t yet started, yet the trip to Canada has already been worth it! The 30 hours flight was worth it! The cost of travelling at peak time has been worth it!


Too many reasons Alhmdullilah! However, one that I thought is worth sharing is a meeting I had with a beautiful brother at the ISNA Centre Mosque in Missisagua!

Our meeting was set up because the brother has indicated that he could put us in touch with some people that may be able to support our work – but what he gave us was far more valuable.

To use the analogy he used:

‘If you are driving your car, and you constantly look out of the left side mirror, you will crash..’

What he was advising us about is the importance of staying focused on our objectives, not getting distracted with what others are doing and leaving the matters for Allah to judge to Him.

He was speaking from experience of seeing many a daw’ah initiative he’s worked on being spoilt by group v group politics, oneupmanship, focusing on ideological differences that has no consequence to the work being done etc etc .

Clearly this brothers advice has struck a chord with me and I pray that Allah preserves our ability to work in a way that is most pleasing to him.

Now enroute to RiS!

Any ideas what the photo I’ve attached represents?


BarakAllahu Feekum