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Tanzeel Travel Blog – #CanadaIsCOOL


So the Canadian chapter of this trip is coming to an end. I’ve spent the last few days meeting various people & managed to sneak in a trip to Niagra too!

5 things I’ve learnt on this trip:

1. All good things require hard work, dedication & perseverance – Did you know that the orange took 7+ people, 3+ weeks to construct? This is after Plan A, B & C failed. First the latex baloon burst, then leaks started appearing in the giant beach ball & then the patched up beach ball collapsed under the weight of the clay-like material that was being used at the time. Despite these, and other challenges (which being honest, prompted me to recommend that the project be scrapped after Plan B failed), the team persevered and burnt the mid-night oil day in day out to get the orange constructed in time for the conference. May Allah reward them and their families immensely for this effort. The giant orange was indeed a hit at the conference and inshaAllah something that lights the spark  that inspires them to connect with the Qur’an.

2. We are helpless & We need Allah’s help to accomplish anything – Did you know that after painting the giant orange and cutting the door that the structure started to collapse? And it was at that moment that Allah had sent us a car body works repairer who had driven 80+ KM’s to be with us. He had the know-how and the resources to give the orange it’s structural integrity. This was clearly not part of our contingency planning. It was nothing other than the help of Allah.

3. Allah has blessed Tanzeel with an awesome group of people – During my stay here every body that I have met who is supporting our work has been completely awesome. They are all extremely competent and passionate in furthering the cause of connecting people with the Qur’an. This is indeed a blessing from Allah. I ask Allah to preserve them all and continue to use them in pursuit of this mission for a long long time to come.

4. There’s no substitute to meeting people face to face – 95% of our work get’s done via Skype , Whatsapp , EMAIL, Google Docs etc – but in reality, there is no substitute to meeting people face to face. I’m confident that post this trip we will work even more effectively together. Now my mind is working on how I can facilitate the rest of the core team meeting each other. May Allah grant us the means to do so.

5. We have the plans, now what we need is the resources – If I was to put a percentage to the service we offer as compared to where we would like to be, I’d say we are at about 35%. It is from our core values that we need to continually strive to achieve excellence in connecting people with the Qur’an – accordingly a lot more investment of time and money is required in: bringing out Student Care function up to the mark, the ongoing development of our teachers, optimising our IT infrastructure and hiring man power. Coming to Canada has renewed my belief that we have the core team to see this through and I have full faith that so long as we remain true to what we want to achieve, that Allah will send the right resources at the right time, through the right people to get the job done. It is He after all that has promised to protect His Book. Not us!

Next stop – Egypt!

Stay tuned, this should be fun!

BarakAllahu Feekum

Tanzeel Travel Blog – How sweet are you?


Narrated Aboo Moosa Al-Asharee (radhi Allaahu anha):- Allaah’s Messenger (Sallallaahu Alaihi wasallam) said,

The example of a believer who recited the Qur’aan, is that of a orange which smells good and tastes good; and the example of a believer who does not recite the Qur’aan, is that of a date which has no smell but tastes sweet; and the example of a hypocrite who recites the Qur’aan, is that of Ar-Reyhan (an aromatic plant) which smells good but tastes bitter; and the example of a hypocrite who does not recite the Qur’aan, is that of a colocynth plant which has no smell and is bitter in taste.

[Saheeh Al-Bukhaari, Hadeeth No. 338, Vol. 7]

At RiS we’ve been educating people about this hadith as a means of encouraging them to Connect With The Qur’an!
The other thing we’ve been doing is giving people the opportunity to undertake a #FatihaHealthCheck . Basically we had our teacher’s online delivering a 5 – 10 minute lesson on Surah Faitha!
Qur’an classes, actually happened from inside the orange!
Check out our website: www.howsweetareyou.com & spread the word!
Until next time.
BarakAllahu Feekum

Tanzeel Travel Blog – Bismillah it’s on again!


It’s on again! Alhumdullilhah!

I’m at Melbourne airport, about to board a flight to Toronto and then to Cairo inshaAllah to progress the work of Tanzeel.

If you have not seen some of these travel blogs before, let me explain.

Whenever I travel for Tanzeel work, I like to maintain a travel blog to take you on the journey with me. My hope is that by the end of it you will see the amazing opportunity that Allah Subhanahuwatala has given us to revive the Qur’anic spirit and connect Muslim’s around the world back to the Qur’an – in the hope that you may be inspired to join us on this mission in someway or the other. I also send updates via email to a distribution list I maintain, of people who are interested in what Tanzeel is up to, and who support us in one way or the other Alhamdulillah.

Speaking about distribution lists, as I was reviewing the list from my last trip – I came across the email address of my dear uncle, who has since passed away (May Allah have mercy on his soul!). Needless to say, a powerful reminder to me of the need to keep striving and struggling & pray that Allah accepts the efforts, notwithstanding it’s many deficiencies!

How short is our time is this world?

Generally I travel only to Egypt – but this time I’m making a pit stop in Toronto! Odd combination.

More on Egypt in the new year inshaAllah! There a two objectives of the trip to Toronto:

  1. Allah has blessed Tanzeel with some awesome team members from Canada! I’ve worked with them over the past two Ramadans, but we’ve never met! SubhanAllah! In that is a sign of the greatness of Allah, that He was able to bring total strangers together to work towards furthering His Book! None but Allah can make something like that possible. So now it is time for us to meet & strengthen our resolve to keep this work going.
  2. Tanzeel is operating a booth at the Reviving the Islamic Spirit conference . We have some exciting things planned – more on this in the coming posts! In the meantime take a read of our blog article: 12 Tips for an Amazing RIS 2014 Experience (HINT: In particular read Tip #12).

Requesting your duas for success in these ventures & the 30 hour flight that awaits me.

Until next time …

BarakAllah Feekum