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Tanzeel Travel Blog – The Egyptian Adventure Begins


So day #1 in Egypt is already down and it didn’t disappoint!

I arrived at 11.00am and went straight to Jummauh. After which it was a quick rendezvous on the main road in Madinat Nasr to give salams to our awesome host, Dr Tarek from the last trip. He was literally on his way to the airport, departing in a couple of hours.

This is my third trip to Egypt. On the first occasion I came by myself. On the second occasion I brought one of our team members (that is after a year spent convincing him he needs to come!) and this time around he managed to convince 4 others to join us on the journey. Alhumdulillah we are an overseas contingent of 6 this time around. So since we have a few newbies to Egypt this time around, we took a detour to the Pyramids @ Giza en route to our home base in Shibin.

I’m a big believer in people coming and seeing the potential in Egypt for themselves – so I’m very excited that we are such a big contingent this time around.

Whilst at the Pyramids we arranged a meeting with a sheikh involved in doing daw’ah to new Muslims here in Egypt. The Sheikh is a clinical pathologist, who operates 9 clinics around Cairo in addition to the hours he invests in his Da’wah work. We are working with him to try and identify potential teachers. InshaAllah he’ll be coming down to our centre in Shibin on Monday to learn more about our requirements.

We met the Sheikh at a Masjid close to the Pyramids. However, we couldn’t have our meeting at the masjid – so we went in search of a place to have some tea. When we eventually found a location and sat down, we heard Sh Mishary Rashid blaring from loud speakers. I remember commenting on how nice it was to hear the Qur’an on the street at which point the Egyptians amongst us all rose with a rye smile. It didn’t take long for for the spot lights to be out and the techno trunes to start playing. The Qur’an was played for “barakah” I was told. This was a way of attracting attention to a new sweet shop that had newly opened up.

This is not an Egypt specific phenomenon. It is reflective of where the Ummah is at when in comes to the Qur’an. How many an event is opened with the Qur’an back home and the behaviour that immediately follows is in total contradiction to the verses that were recited?

How is it that we have reduced this Book, which Allah revealed as a guidance to mankind to a source of just attaining blessings?

Do we really think we can fool Allah?

May Allah forgive us and grant us the understanding!

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